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Bone Growth Simulation Demo

Demo of software to track cell videos and process for signaling information

Tube fluorescent light clock sketch

Tube fluorescent light clock sketch

3d print from µCT scan of mouse skull

3d print from µCT scan of mouse skull

(above) Image of 3d printed shoe taken at the Shoe Obsession exhibit at FIT in New York. 

(below) X Ray Microtomography (µCT) image of cancellous bone tissue.

Considering vs. Re-considering

I was thinking the other day about the difference between the verb to consider and it’s opposite, to reconsider. The curious aspect of these two words is the different way in which they are used in conversation. Consider these two phrases:

"I would ask you to seriously consider this proposal”

"I would seriously ask you to reconsider this proposal”

In both, the speaker is asking someone to either consider or reconsider a proposal. However, the order in which the asking and the qualifier seriously occurs in the phrase is different. Why is this so in colloquial English?

Perhaps it has to do with the different temporal nature of the two phrases. When someone is considering something, it is assumed that this act of consideration takes some time. Thus, the speaker is asking that this act be done in a serious matter.

On the other hand, the act of reconsidering, or changing one’s mind about something, is assumed to take much less time, usually a single moment. Thus, the speaker is not asking that the action of reconsidering be done in a serious manner, as you would do with something that takes time. Instead, they are seriously asking that this momentary action be performed.

Adaptive reuse

Adaptive reuse

The new model David 8, a new generation of humanoid androids.

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